Preventing a DUI

You will be charged with DUI if you are caught driving or operating a vehicle when your blood alcohol concentration is 0.08% or more. In early 2013, the US Dept of Transportation is attempting to LOWER this threshold to 0.04%.  The present blood alcohol concentration limit is uniform throughout the United States. You need not be driving the vehicle. Merely operating the vehicle is sufficient for a DUI offense.


Dealing with your recent DUI

Despite what the police/ prosecution may want you to believe, you CAN fight the DUI/DWI charge(s) against you. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may have several defenses.

Keep in mind that AT ALL TIMES the police MUST prove their case. If they fail to do so, the criminal charges against you will be dismissed in a court of law. An experienced DUI attorney can review your case and advice you of your options. It is important that you fight the charges against you because if you plead guilty, you will be convicted of these criminal charges. Similarly a no contest plea will also result in a conviction. The result of those criminal convictions will become part of your permanent record and could interfere with your ability to obtain employment, credit and housing. It is CRITICALLY important that you understand and KNOW your rights.